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Rotary Cell Phone 2
Open source 4G phone with a larger ePaper display and other enhancements as a complete, easy-build kit.
Expect release in June of 2020.

Large brushless hubmotor with integral encoder for use with the NearZero™ controller.
Expect release in June of 2020.

Domestic Robotics Platform
Open source domestic robotics platform. Initially a hardware-only development platform, the plan is to turn this into a functional, dexterous general cleaning robot (i.e. not just vacuuming).
Initial release in late 2020.

Parallel Elastic Robotic Arm
Open source manipulator arm for mobile robots that's both very lightweight and doesn't jerk around like a an overconstrained toy. Works using elastic parallel actuation with continuously-variable spring rate and high frequence position feedback for oscillation damping with brushless motors. Powered by the NearZero™ controller.
Expect release in 2021.


Brushless Motor Controller for Robotics

See what it does. The NearZero (NZ) controller allows fine, slow motion, or positioning control of all brushless motors for direct drive applications. For controlling hub motors for domestic robots, self-balancing devices, actuators for manipulators and robotic arms, and motorized or stabilized gimbals and mounts. Any brushless motor requiring between 0 and 3A and between 7 and 36V will work with this controller. ORDER HERE

Rotary Cellphone Kit

Open Source Portable Wireless Electronic Digital Rotary Telephone

The rotary cell phone described here is now available in kit form. Builders will still need to find the right rotary dial and order a handful of other bits, but the "hard part" (the mainboard and the 3D printed casing with threaded inserts and buttons) is available for sale. A less "makery" version of this is also in the works. ORDER HERE